* Gigapanorama from the roof of Intercontinental Hotel

        Images were shot at June 29th 2010 from the roof of Intercontinental Hotel, one of the highest buildings in central Warsaw. Because of a 10 meters high wall at the roof, setting a camera at the highest point was a very difficult task.

        We have mount a camera with 200mm lens at the Panogear head, which is remotely controlled from a laptop. This set was mounted at 15 meters high mast.

        Within two hours we've shot over 600 images. We used a computer with six processor cores and 8Gb of RAM memory to stitch them together. The panorama has a resolution of 193 991x33 399 points, which is about 6 Gigapixels.

        If we'd print it at 300 dpi, it would have 16 meters of width and 2.8 meters of height!







    Warszawa 360